Heated clothing

For hiking, fishing, biking, skiing, motor, golfing, outdoor events and more.

Whether you’re standing still at a sporting event, or participating in stop-and-start activities like hiking that leave you sweating one minute and freezing the next, our heated clothing is the solution. You can turn the heat down or off when exercising, then turn it up to prevent that after-exercise chill. Or, use it nonstop. Duran’s heated clothing uses (rechargeable) battery power and three-levels of heat to warm you for up to five hours.

Our heated clothing warms you thoroughly without adding extra layers.
Instead of piling on layers when temperatures drop, reach for one of our heated garments and stay warm with just one lightweight layer. Duran heated clothing uses five lightweight carbon fiber bundles to provide heat in key body areas. The three-level controller enables you to instantly adjust to warmer or cooler temperatures, so you’re always comfortable.

Explore the wonders of the seasons. Go on—take advantage of an outdoor lifestyle! Concentrate more on enjoying yourself and less on how long you can stand the cold. Free yourself from the need to carry bulky layers, and ensure your time outside is both safe and comfortable, even when it’s cold.