About us

As founder of Duralogic in 1996 Steven Yue began with the vision to explore opportunities to develop products that preserve a comfortable and stimulating body temperature. This now comprises of a full range of outdoor gear such as shoes, heat pads/pillows, waist/shoulder wraps and bedding.

We are known for outdoor wear with the unique and patented Carbon Fiber soft film technology. Duralogic is the first company to successfully develop carbon fiber heating wire for product applications. We are the first, and still only, company to get wire UL approved.

Our Duran heated outdoor gear is safe and extremely comfortable to wear and is ideal for hiking, fishing, biking, sailing, skiing, motor, golfing, outdoor events and more.

Phase Change Material is another technology we have developed for multiple thermal therapy applications. This technology is used for heated pads/pillows, waist/shoulder wraps, joints and even for inside shoes.

TBAD B.V. is the operating agent for the European market. Our offices are based in the Den Haag in the Netherlands. For heated apparel  products we offer our business partners:

  • More than 10 years of accumulated technical strength and creative developing experience
  • Production of a range of finished products for direct retail sale under the Duran brand name or alternatively under a tailored branding.
  • A unique and patented technology which can be incorporated on the basis of a license agreement

We take our reputation for technical leadership seriously, continually delivering new products and better solutions to preserve a comfortable and stimulating body temperature. Working with some world-class customers proves our technical strength and competitive positioning!